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Suggested Tune: SANDON


Gijsbert V.B., January 4, 2004


"Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree." (1 Peter 2:24a)


1. Pause, sinner here, and think upon this word:
Where are your sins?
Your time is short--death's summons will be heard,
Where are your sins?
Are you yet standing for your own account?
Are all your sins upon you, one great mount?

2. Come, sinner tell, give answer now today,
Where are your sins?
Make search at once, this thought no more delay,
Where are your sins?
Are they upon the Lamb of God Who died?
Have they been placed on Jesus crucified?

3. This solemn thought, why makes your heart to groan?
Where are your sins?
Upon myself, must you now still bemoan,
Here are my sins.
Most dreadful; yet for you there still is grace,
Oh, haste at once, and all on Jesus place.

4. Upon myself, my sins no longer are,
Where are my sins?
Look, see that cross, uplifted there afar,
There are my sins!
Upon the Saviour they all once were laid,
He on that cross my ransom fully paid!

5. Comes judgment day, all hear the trumpet sound,
Where are my sins?
Great search is made, yet they cannot be found,
Gone are my sins!
Forever they have been all blotted out!
Eternal praise in anthems I will shout.


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