<bgsound src="helen.mid" loop="infinite"> Poem: The Wages of My Sin - The Bleeding and Dying of My Saviour

8. 7. 8. 7. Double.
Suggested Tune: HELEN


Gijsbert V.B., January 2003

"The Bleeding, Dying of My Saviour"


1. 'Twas my sin that caused Thy sorrow,
And that caused Thy soul to shrink;
For my sin the cup was filled,
Full with wrath for Thee to drink.
'Twas my sin that crushing bowed Thee,
On Thy face with cries to God;
For my sin, God's wrath did press Thee,
E'en to sweat great drops of blood.

2. 'Twas my sin that gave the scourging,
That plowed deeply on Thy soul;
For my sin Thy back was smitten,
With blood stripes, that maketh whole.
'Twas my sin that mocking crowned Thee,
And that smote Thee with the reed;
For my sin, the thorns were platted,
Which did cause Thy brow to bleed.

3. 'Twas my sin that piercing nailed Thee,
Bleeding on the cursed tree;
For my sin Thy hands were wounded,
And Thy feet did bleed for me.
'Twas my sin that brought the darkness,
That did fill Thy troubled heart;
For my sin, Thou was forsaken,
When Thy God seemed to depart.

4. 'Twas my sin that humbled deeper,
And that brought Thee down to death;
For my sin Thou didst surrender,
Thy blessed Spirit and Thy breath.
'Twas myself that was the soldier,
And that gave the piercing blow;
For my sin, Thy side was broken,
Blood and water forth did flow.

5. Precious Jesus, oh how lovely,
Art Thou in Thy death to me;
'Tis a wonder most mysterious,
That Thy love should flow to me.
I the one, who caused Thy sorrow,
For to save, Thyself didst die;
When God's wrath my soul condemned,
Thou for sin didst satisfy.

6. When I see Thee wounded, bleeding,
Then I tremble, yet rejoice;
Oh my Saviour, for Thy mercy,
I would e'er lift thankful voice.
Let Thy love now more constrain me,
To devote my all to Thee;
May Thy cross be e'er before me,
Now and through eternity.

7. Oh my Jesus, to Thy people,
Thou didst once stretch forth Thy hands;
On them now, pour out Thy Spirit,
Scattered forth through distant lands.
They shall look on Thee they pierced,
And for Thee they shall mourn;
They shall wash within Thy fountain,
And fore'er Thy crown adorn.


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