Gijsbert V.B., March 2003

"Lord, I believe; help Thou mine unbelief."


1. When hearts unclean are pained by sin,
Then straight to Jesus they should fly;
For He alone makes pure within,
And willing is before they cry.

2. Yet dangers often block the path,
Directly leading to the cross;
And hide from view the love Christ hath,
Thus causing to the sinner loss.

3. Though Jesus showed the Way so clear,
That all to Him might quickly flee;
He's often grieved by sinners' fear,
Who in His love but vengeance see.

4. "Now unclean as am I," some say,
"Would be presumption so to come."
So oft' they leave the only Way,
And seek to make their conscience numb.

5. And oft' alas the more inclined,
Seek after Christ by tears and prayers;
Yet when no broken heart they find,
Are discouraged and hope despairs.

6. But simple, child-like faith we need,
Apart from self, in Christ alone;
In Him who gave Himself to bleed,
And died for sin, though not His own.

7. "Lord if Thou wilt, Thou surely can,
Yet freely how, for such as I?
And though Thou bled for sinful man,
Was it for me that Thou didst die?"

8. Ah sinner, why these doubts attend?
This great salvation now receive;
For know assured thou art condemned,
Except in Christ thou dost believe.

9. A father once, when pressed to faith,
With tears cried out, "I do believe."
And for his doubts, as Scripture saith,
He cried, "Lord help mine unbelief."

10. All sinners Christ doth still receive,
Yea freely for His own Name's sake.
These depths of love none can conceive,
But those who of His grace partake.