A Child's Prayer

Holy Father reconciled,
Near Thy heart, press me Thy child;
Gentle Shepherd safely keep,
In Thy arms Thy wayward sheep;
Holy Spirit e'er abide,
Within the Lamb's blood-bought bride;
Though the Heaven's are Thy throne,
Yet on earth I'm not alone;
For with Thee my God Triune,
By Thy grace I do commune.

October 20, 2002



Salvation from Sin

For rebel sinners such as I,
Jesus Christ was born to die;
When in sin we fell so deep,
Then in love He sought His sheep;
And while yet we lived in sin,
He loved our souls even then;
That He came to make us free,
And nailed our sin upon the tree;
And from our sins He yet doth save,
Till we're holy 'yond the grave.

December 25, 2002
Christmas Day



Definition of the Gospel

Gospel of mercy that's mingled with love,
Showing to us the heart of our God.

Gospel of pardon for vilest of men,
Opening forgiveness for greatest of sin.

Gospel of power able to make whole,
The most filthiest, sin-loving soul.

Gospel of salvation, full and most free,
Urging all sinners to Christ now flee.

Gospel of Jesus the Lamb crucified,
Hiding place opened in Christ's pierced side.

Gospel of refuge from curse of the law,
Finished salvation proffered to all.

Gospel of promise to all who believe,
'Tis "whosoever" Christ doth receive.

Gospel of comfort and victory most sure,
Ever in Christ who maketh all pure.

December 25, 2002



A Song to my Well-Beloved
[Based on verses from the Song of Solomon]

"As ointment poured forth,"
How fragrant Thy Name;
Thy "mouth is most sweet,"
With heavenly strain;
Thy "lips like fair lilies,
Drop sweet smelling myrrh";
Thy voice, as the honey,
Companions' hearts stir;
"O love for delights!"
To Thee I would pray:
"Cause me to hear it,"
On this Sabbath day.

("Come, Lord Jesus, come!")

September 8, 2002



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