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The gospel proclamation to every sinner without any preparation or qualification.

Gijsbert V.B., November 2003

(This poem is based on part of the book Without Money and Without Price, authored by Daniel Shanks.)


1. Legal preaching-law with gospel,
Turns the sinner from the cross;
First in self to find condition,
Or some sin from him to toss.
Faith in Jesus, without working-
This is gospel without dross.

2. Man is nothing and has nothing,
Without Christ he can do naught;
True repentance is from Jesus,
'Tis a grace that has been bought;
Be forgiven, then made holy,
Is the order to be sought.

3. From the sinner God asks nothing,
All He gives is through free grace;
Jesus' blood the price full covered,
Naught from man can this replace;
Receive freely, without purchase,
Let your mouth be filled with praise.

4. Faith is promised in the covenant,
Freely through the grace of God;
And this faith at first is wrought by,
Gospel offers fully broad.
No condition, but acceptance-
Now receive for you are called.

5. God's free giving, our receiving,
"Without money, without price";
To disclaim all self-made efforts,
And accept the gift of life;
Grace of God excludes all merit,
Jesus made all sacrifice.

6. Gospel preaching points to Jesus,
He alone our hearts will win;
Christ demands no preparation,
E'en no thoughts of hating sin;
Hating sin implies new nature;
Jesus died for unsaved men.

7. Jesus welcomes saints and sinners,
Even so, just as they are;
Ground of faith is Jesus only,
Naught in man sets him afar;
Though unwilling and unfeeling,
From Himself, Christ none does bar.

8. When the sinner hears of Jesus,
Then by grace her heart is drawn;
Gospel offers of salvation,
Seized by faith cause life to dawn.
Christ is willing, speaks the gospel-
As she hears, her sin is gone.

9. Then her heart went out to Jesus,
When she heard of life proclaimed;
At the moment of believing,
Full forgiveness she obtained;
Sweetest peace from perfect pardon,
Fills the soul that just was stained.

10. Christ is willing to receive you,
As you are, though full of sin;
He delights and joys in saving,
Let His love your soul now win;
'Tis His joy and crown to cleanse you,
He will make you pure within.

11. Man by nature is a sinner,
Without strength to keep the law;
Naught he does will bring God's favor,
God denounces sin in all.
Seek no further preparation-
"Sinners Jesus came to call."

12. Sinners little, sinners giant,
Both have nothing God to pay;
Whosoever, all have nothing,
Naught to bring, or plead, or say;
Free forgiveness, Jesus offers,
Now be pardoned, e'en today.

13. Come to Jesus, speaks the gospel,
Wait no longer to prepare;
Christ demands no preparation,
See the cross-your hope is there;
Receive freely-"It is finished",
Christ for sin God's wrath did bear.

14. Qualified is every person,
For the gospel from his birth;
God declares that all are carnal,
Sold to sin and of the earth;
All are suited for the gospel,
Unto all 'tis of great worth.

15. Christ has promised to receive you,
None that come, will He cast out;
Do not fit yourself for Jesus,
Only come, though tossed about;
Christ wants nothing-work or feeling-
Freely come, He still does shout.

16. Those that think that they are righteous,
Are in unbelief condemned;
By their works, they'd merit heaven;
For their sin, they'd make amend;
Without Jesus, such are wretched,
Works of men and grace don't blend.

17. Every sinner without limit,
Is included in the call;
No distinction makes the gospel,
All are sinners by the fall;
Jesus came to save lost sinners-
Saying worthy unto all.

18. Gospel offers, without limit,
Swing the door of mercy wide;
Every sinner Jesus welcomes,
None in vain on Him relied;
Type of sinner, does not hinder,
For all kinds the Saviour died.

19. Contrite sinner never pleaded,
Evidence as ground of faith;
Would not glory as one contrite,
Mercy only, for he prayeth;
Sacrifice revealed the promise-
Justified, the Scripture saith.

20. Faith in Jesus is our duty,
What we are makes no excuse;
Dare not think you need permission,
Sinful doubts no more produce;
Every creature is commanded-
Word of God do not refuse.

21. Proclamation of free pardon,
King of Heaven sends to all;
Though our crimes are willful treason,
Yet to life our King does call;
Now receive this word of pardon-
Heed no cursing from the law.

22. Word of promise has been published,
Guilty sinners now may live;
Jesus' blood God's wrath full covered,
Prince of Life will sin forgive;
Now lay hold upon this promise,
For its seal, Christ blood did give.

23. Simple faith upon God's promise,
Stands upon the surest ground;
Takes God's Word as He has stated,
Lets not questioning abound;
Secret purpose of election,
Is revealed when faith is crowned.

24. Preach the gospel to all creatures:
For all sinners "Christ is dead";
Whosoever that believeth,
Will be saved as God has said;
Tell each person: none e'er perished,
Who had unto Jesus fled.

25. Yes, a Saviour is provided,
For all people, even you;
Brazen serpent was uplifted,
That all men might look unto;
Refuge City all protected-
Slayers who, its gates went through.

26. Perfect pardon has been granted-
"Deed of gift" by heaven's King;
Gospel preaching for all people,
Does to you this pardon bring;
All may now obtain the pardon,
To this gift by faith now cling.

27. Comes the gospel to all sinners,
Both elect and reprobate;
All are sinners needing Jesus,
Think not of the hidden state;
Sweetest tenders of salvation,
Urge to faith-no longer wait.

28. Sovereignty of God most sovereign,
Conflicts not His love to save;
God is willing to save sinners,
To this end, Himself He gave;
He is earnest that none perish,
Jesus frees the sinful slave.

29. God is anxious to receive you,
He is ready to forgive;
Kiss the promise of His mercy,
With hard thoughts no longer live;
Keep no longer from your Saviour,
Peace to you He longs to give.

30. Words of promise in the gospel,
Sweetest comfort does impart;
When upon the word believing,
Fear of judgment does depart;
Seize the promise of forgiveness,
It will fill with peace your heart.

31. God beseeches every creature,
By His servants He has sent;
Heart of God is set on saving,
He would that all men repent;
Thoughts of peace He has towards sinners,
For unsaved ones, Christ's heart rent.

32. Earnest pleading with lost sinners,
Is God's will for preachers still;
Hearts enflamed by gospel pardon,
Out of love fulfills this will;
Jesus wept o'er His lost people-
He had love, though they would kill.

33. Reasoning and bad assumptions,
Sad deductions often bring;
Man's own wisdom is corrupted,
To the Scriptures we must cling;
Simplest truth by babes is realized-
To the wise, a hidden thing.

34. 'Tis great sin to think you're willing,
While to save you, God is not;
Unbelief thinks God unwilling,
Though His grace He ne'er forgot;
To all coming He has promised,
By His grace, your sins to blot.

35. Dare not think God needs persuading,
By your begs of unbelief;
Nothing so delights the Saviour,
As from sin, to give relief;
Cling in faith to this Lord Jesus,
Now be saved as was the thief.

36. Pray not God your heart to quicken,
'Fore to Jesus you will flee;
Now at once, embrace the Saviour,
As you are-'tis gospel free;
You will know you have been quickened,
When in faith the cross you see.

37. Bring your deadness straight to Jesus,
Upon faith your soul shall live;
Wait not for regeneration,
Now in Christ, God life will give;
Trust the promise of salvation,
Though you're dead, you still will live.

38. Unbelievers by the Scriptures,
Never once are told to wait;
All to them is urgent pleading,
To make haste 'fore it's too late;
Come, oh sinner, unto Jesus,
For to you His love is great.

39. Though impotent go forth walking,
Upon faith you'll strength receive;
Miracle cannot be realized,
Till the moment you believe;
Act upon the word of promise-
To the Saviour in faith now cleave.

40. To the priest Christ sent the lepers,
Against reason they did go;
They didn't wait to see the healing,
But they went themselves to show;
In the way of faith's obedience-
While they went they were made whole.

41. Faith must be in Jesus only,
Nothing short of Christ will save;
Understanding of sound doctrine,
Can redeem none from the grave;
Simple faith that clings to Jesus,
Trusts the promise that He gave.

42. Pray'ng for faith while unbelieving,
Never was God's will for you;
God would have you trust in Jesus,
Short of this will never do;
Upon faith in the Lord Jesus,
God will now your heart renew.

43. We have not preached the glad tidings,
Till we've brought them fully free;
Gospel offers with conditions,
Point to man, not Calvary;
The free gospel, received freely,
Only will make men holy.

44. Right to faith is not in feelings,
Of a law-work first inside;
God's command is the sure warrant,
To press quickly to His side;
His great promise to receive you,
Never has in vain been tried.

45. What you are or what you are not,
Is no reason to delay;
God is calling and commands you-
Now no longer stay away;
As you are, now come to Jesus-
All your sins upon Him lay.

46. Invitations in the gospel
Come to "every one of you";
Though the worst, you are included-
Repent "every one of you";
Here is grace for you black sinner
God said, "Every one of you".

47. Christ loved sinners, black and wounded
While they were yet dead in sin;
When He found us all polluted,
There was nothing that could win;
Yet He loved us, even freely,
That He died for salvation.

48. There is righteous grace for sinners
"Christ died for the ungodly";
God is just and justifying,
He can pardon you freely;
There is now no condemnation,
Jesus paid the price fully.

49. All these things I say unto you,
That ye might be saved also;
Chief of sinners obtain mercy,
Then let us to Jesus go;
From the smitten Rock of Ages,
Streams of love and mercy flow.

50. All my soul I lean on Jesus,
He alone its weight can bear;
I've no righteousness or merit,
His and His alone I wear.
A blest home with Him in glory,
He for me does now prepare.

51. Christ can save the worst of sinners,
E'en the proud, impenitent;
Though your case to self seams hopeless,
For to save such Christ was sent;
Cast your proud heart upon Jesus-
At the cross learn to repent.

52. Do not wait or seek for fitness,
This is adding to God's grace;
Unfit sinners are most welcome,
Christ will undertake their case;
While yet filthy, come for washing,
He will turn to you His face.


This poem is based on part of the book Without Money and Without Price, authored by Daniel Shanks.




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