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Suggested Tune: SALEM


Gijsbert V.B., December 25, 2003


"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord." (Luke 2:11)


1. Good tidings are brought you,
Of joy and greatest gladness;
Our God of glory sends to earth His peace and good will;
Lost people, who by sin defiled,
Now unto God are reconciled;
Unto you, all people, a Saviour is born.

2. Awake, hear this gospel,
Why linger? Time is passing;
Oh sinner, you are hanging o'er eternal flames of wrath;
Yet God would not condemn your soul,
But rather save and make you whole;
Unto you, oh sinner, a Saviour is born.

3. Give thought, you that wander,
Your sinful life enjoying;
And wishing to your Father's bosom never to return;
God loved the world so that he gave,
Himself to die-your soul to save;
Unto you, most sinful, a Saviour is born.

4. You, burdened in conscience,
By shameful sins committed;
And thinking all your sins and guilt God never will forgive;
Lift up your weary heart on high,
And hear the song the angels cry;
Unto you, despairing, a Saviour is born.

5. Fair children and precious,
You also need a Saviour;
Oh that your youthful hearts to Jesus you would early give;
The Child of Bethlehem was called:
Jesus, the Saviour, Son of God;
Unto you, lost children, this Saviour was born.

6. You that have long wasted,
The moments of your lifetime;
So that upon your dying bed you still are without hope;
Yet this last time God's grace is heard,
Oh may your heart in faith be stirred;
Unto you, now dying, the Saviour was born.

7. Though you have despised Him,
Rejected all His gospel;
Have nailed Him on the cross to suffer there and die;
Yet now when risen from the grave,
He seeks again your soul to save;
Unto you, who pierced Him, this Saviour was born.

8. All nations and kindreds,
Who wait to hear this gospel;
Now with pure joy embrace the Gift of Life that God has sent;
For if in Him you do believe,
Eternal life you will receive;
Unto you, the heathen, this Saviour was born.

9. You now that are longing,
For Jesus' second coming;
Soon without sin you'll love Him even as He now loves you;
Rejoice, in hope of glory rise,
Your Bridegroom cometh on the skies;
Unto you, His loved ones, your Saviour will come.


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