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The Precious Blood of Jesus

Gijsbert V.B., April-May 2004 (revised Feb. 2008)

“Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, from your vain conversation received by tradition from your fathers; But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot.”
(I Peter 1:18-19)


1. I need Thy blood Lord Jesus,
My heart is full of sin;
I need that fount to cleanse me,
And make me pure within;
For I am vile and wretched,
My sin I cannot hide;
Thy blood is all I plead for,
My Savior crucified.

2. Without Thy blood Lord Jesus,
Forever I am lost;
Without Thy blood to wash me,
I bear my sin and shame;
Then dreadful wrath surrounds me,
And death and hell are nigh;
Oh cleanse me precious Saviour,
For without Thee, I die.

3. I plead Thy blood Lord Jesus,
My only hope is here;
No argument prevaileth,
But blood inclines Thy ear;
Oh hear this helpless sinner,
For Thy own sake I pray;
Deliver me from evil,
And take my sins away.

4. I need Thy blood Lord Jesus,
No other blood will do;
But Thine, the blood that frees us,
And makes the spirit new;
For we are unclean sinners,
And oft’ in sin I go;
I come to Thee Lord Jesus,
Now wash me white as snow.

5. The blood of Jesus sprinkled,
Upon my sinful hearts;
Destroys the power of Satan,
And holiness imparts;
When ‘neath the blood of Jesus,
No sin in me is found;
Covered with blood from Jesus,
My sins at once are drowned.

6. There is no blood like Jesus’,
So mighty and so free;
There is no blood more precious,
Than Jesus’ blood to me;
Though as the chief of sinners,
For me there still is blood;
Here cleansing I find daily,
Beneath that crimson flood.

7. One drop of blood from Jesus,
Is of eternal worth;
One drop of blood from Jesus,
Can cleanse this sinful earth;
Yet you must hide in Jesus,
His blood must cleanse your heart;
For without faith in Jesus,
God’s wrath will not depart.

8. There is no blood like Jesus’,
Its worth no words can tell;
This blood of Christ is priceless,
It saves from lowest hell;
Yet it is freely given,
And there’s enough for all;
By grace you too may have it—
Hear now the gospel call.

9. Wash in the blood of Jesus,
You who the law has cursed;
Wash in the blood of Jesus,
You who have sinned the worst;
This blood of Christ will cleanse you,
From every sin you’ve done;
This blood will make you righteous,
As if you had done none.

10. The blood of Jesus covers,
The highest mount of sin;
The blood of Jesus cleanses,
The very worst of men;
Where once the heart was heavy,
This blood brings perfect peace;
One site of Christ’s blood flowing,
Gives joy that will not cease.

11. Between my sins and justice,
My Savior came and stood;
He took the wrath appointed,
And bore what none else could;
His righteous blood flowed freely,
The sword was satisfied;
And never will it strike us,
Who on this blood relied.

12. Oh sing the praise of Jesus,
Who is exalted high;
Sing of His blood most precious,
By which we are made nigh:
Sing “unto Him that loved us,
And washed us in His blood;
And made us kings forever,
And priests unto our God.”


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