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Gijsbert V.B., July-August 2002

"And when I see the blood, I will pass over you."


1. Communion was broken, from God when we fell;
The word He had spoken, then doomed us to hell;
Apart from transgressors, our God turned His face:
Yet had thoughts of mercy, through free sovereign grace.

2. To Israel His chosen, His bowels still yearned;
Though hard-hearted frozen, they still might be turned.
He found out a Way, that would honor His law;
While He to Himself, lost sinners might draw.

3. With Moses His servant, the plan was revealed;
He must build a great tent, with glory concealed;
Then God condescending, in love from the skies,
Would tabernacle, in midst of the tribes.

4. The covenant ark, in the holiest of all;
Was to the mind dark, a symbol of gall;
For in it contained, was God's holy law;
That cried, without mercy, for justice to fall.

5. Yet God in His mercy, o'er shadowed the law;
With the seat of pure mercy, that spoke unto all:
"Though ye have despised, My first covenant;
My 'mercy rejoiceth against [just] judgment.'"

6. The mercy seat sprinkled, not without blood;
With clarity signaled, the grace of our God.
The blood in between, at once signified:
Transgression is covered, the Mediator died.

7. The blood of goats pointed, to one Sacrifice;
E'en Christ the Anointed, Who gave His own life.
A real righteous Man, and yet very God;
Who only could bring back sinners to God.

8. His blood alone pardons, from guilt of our sin;
The soul once hard hardened, is broken within;
No sinner here washed, will e'er be condemned;
God's law satisfied, to hell cannot send.

9. Oh long lost sinner, however you feel,
To Christ the soul winner, at once thy heart kneel;
For you who believe, His hands were pierced through,
So God might be just while justifying you.

10. The Saviour is yearning, thy heart to receive;
His tender love burning, thy guilt to relieve;
Oh hear His own voice, beseechingly shout:
"Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out."

11. Are ye yet without strength, o'er the power of sin;
The Saviour at length, will make you pure within;
For He Who begun, will surely make done;
Nor fail, nor discourage, 'til victory be won.

12. God's gospel love calling, both Gentile and Jew;
The Spirit now drawing, those whom He foreknew.
Though Israel be blinded, their Deliverer awakes;
For they're yet "beloved for the fathers' sakes."

13. The veil rent in center, a token of grace;
Gives "boldness to enter," the most holy place,
"By a new and living way," e'en "the blood of Jesus,"
Then we'll spotless appear, when the Father sees us.

14. Oh God of salvation, Eternal Triune;
Through Christ's revelation, with Thee we commune.
Oh hide not Thy face, but hear when we pray;
"Until the day break and the shadows flee away."


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