<bgsound src="ewing.mid" loop="infinite"> Poem: God's Glorious Gospel 7. 6. 7. 6. Double.
Suggested Tunes: EWING; CRUCIFIX


Gijsbert V.B., April 2003


"But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."


1. Though sinful and unholy,
Yet we have peace with God;
Through Christ our Lord and Saviour,
The bleeding Lamb of God.
His grace and love doth draw us,
To hope in Christ alone;
And soon, most pure and holy,
We'll sing before His throne.

2. Thy love, most holy Father,
In Christ Thy Son is known;
Thy love, oh dear Lord Jesus,
Upon the cross is shown;
When we were yet ungodly,
Thou shed Thy blood and died;
For enemies and sinners,
Thyself was crucified.

3. Where deepest sin abounded,
And hell on earth was found;
There, through Christ's bleeding, dying,
Did grace much more abound.
He triumphed o'er all evil,
Now saves the vilest soul;
And giveth grace more 'bundant,
E'en making sinners whole.

4. All peoples, tongues, and kindreds,
Through earth's remotest lands;
Behold the Saviour dying,
With bleeding, outstretched hands;
He welcomes wretched sinners,
The worst He freely saves,
That they might stand before Him,
In sweetest shouts of praise.

5. Most blessed, sweet Lord Jesus,
The Lamb for sinners slain;
Eternal King, most worthy
O'er earth and heaven to reign.
Thou Hope of all the nations,
Redeemer of mankind;
We long for Thy appearing;
Now let Thy glory shine.


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