<bgsound src="coronae.mid" loop="infinite"> Poem: The Blood of Jesus 8. 7. 8. 7. 4. 7.
Suggested Tune: CORONAE


Gijsbert V.B., November 2003

"Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood." (Revelation 1:5b)


1. Blood of Jesus, mighty river,
Every nation streaming through;
Gospel tidings pressing onward,
Both to Gentile and to Jew;
Heathen sinner,
Jesus' blood still flows to you.

2. Blood of Jesus, set before you,
By the gospel in your way;
Do not trample on your Saviour,
Him receive without delay;
Be forgiven,
While it yet is called today.

3. Blood of Jesus, cleansing fountain,
For the soul that's stained with sin;
Blackest sinner be persuaded,
Now at once to plunge within;
White as Jesus,
Through this blood you'll be again.

4. Blood of Jesus, precious ointment,
Balm that makes the wounded whole;
Let this blood be on you sprinkled,
Now receive it on your soul;
Cleansing power,
Precious fragrance o'er us flow.

5. Blood of Jesus, freely given,
"Without money, without price";
None has sinned too much or often;
God demands not payment twice;
All is finished,
Christ was made our Sacrifice.

6. Blood of Jesus, this availeth,
As "the sinners perfect plea";
As the Son is e'er accepted,
Through His blood so now are we;
Viewed in Jesus,
Naught but beauty God doth see.

7. Blood of Jesus, what a gospel,
Speaks the cross of Calvary;
Lamb of God was smitten, wounded,
Pierced, bleeding on the tree;
Oh my Saviour,
Thou didst suffer there for me.

8. Blood of Jesus, theme of heaven,
Sung in praise of sweetest tunes;
Ever louder with each ransomed;
We shall join among them soon;
There in heaven,
Gazing on our Saviour's wounds.


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